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CityRig 2.0 - Cinema 4D City Generator

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Using CityRig 2.0, you can quickly create an entire city including large roads, side roads, crossings, rivers and parks with hills or lakes. Simply link your own textures, buildings and objects such as cars, trees, street signs, or road markings to add your own style.


Cinema 4D Version: 2024, R26, R25
(DOES NOT WORK WITH Version 2023)


CityRig2.0 consists of a grid that can be designed with the help of currently 7 different selection tags:
Buildings, Roads, Side roads, Big Curves, Parks, River, Delete

For editing, it is important to first select the 'CityRig2.0' layer, followed by a double-click on the desired selection tag.
To add selections, press shift+mouse click.To remove selections, press ctrl+mouse click

Buildings Selection-Tag

The size of the buildings is determined by collectively marked tags (white dots). You can simply display the building matrix by selecting 'Show Outlines'. For example, with only one selected tag, the smallest building 'S' will be created.

1 Tag: S-Area 280x280
2 Tags: M-Area 560x280 
4 Tags: L-Area 560x560
8 Tags: XL-Area 1120x560
16 Tags: XXL-Area 1120x1120

Street Selection-Tags 

You can use the road selection tags to create large roads, smaller side roads, and adjust the curves to create larger curves. The buildings adapt dynamically to these changes.

Park/River Selection-Tags 

With the Park Selection Tag, you can create parks of various sizes, ranging from small to large. The larger the area, the more hills or lakes will be incorporated. You can customize the appearance and adjust the number of trees using the settings.

With the River Tag, you can draw a river through the city. Roads will automatically transform into bridges over it. You can adjust the water level in the settings.

Using the delete tag, you're able to remove the entire tile to add other 3D assets or buildings.

CityRig 2.0 Settings

(1) Toggle various elements on or off
(2) Rearrange the buildings tag randomly. streets and rivers remain unaffected (deactivate it to edit your city manually)
(3) Define the size of the city grid
(4) Building instances will be rearranged in clone-id and angle, not the layout of the city itself.
(5) You can use the MoGraph Color Effect for the respective shaders. These colors can be modified here.
(6) Furthermore, you can adjust additional settings for the roads, rivers, and parks. For example, the number of cars, trees, the height of hills in the park (negative values represent small ponds), cars can be slightly moved forward and backward (useful for short animations), etc.

CityRig2.0 Textures Settings 

All building and surface textures can be manually replaced here. 3D assets such as trees have their own textures and are not affected here. The number in parentheses indicates how the texture should be structured. For example, with (5x5), the texture is divided into a 5x5 grid. One element of this grid would be for a 1xTile building. Thus, with just one texture, you get a 5x5 higher variance and not always the same texture for all roof.

CityRig2.0 Asset Folder 

In addition to buildings, the city also comprises other elements that can be replaced: (1)

• Trees around buildings
• Trees along streets
• Trees in the park
• Traffic lights
• Street signs
• Streetlights (single/double)
• Road markings
• Cars

All objects are automatically integrated into the city and located in the 'Asset Folder' (2) within the CityRig2 object.

Feature List
• 1x C4D file with octane shaders
• 1x C4D file with standard shaders
(Standard & Redshift Version coming soon and will be updated for free)

This file contains the following content:
71x Buildings in different sizes. Created with C4 Building Generator 2.0
• River and street tiles
• 10x Low-poly traffic signs and traffic lights with AI generated textures
• 16x Low-poly trees and bushes with textures
• 5x Low-poly Palms and farns
• 4x Low-poly cars

• Different ground, pavement, street, grass and concrete textures
• 4096x4096px Advertisement/Billboard texture with 177 ads

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C4D file with octane shaders/standard shaders 71x Buildings; Low-poly trees, low-poly palms, low-poly cars, signs and traffic lights, advertisement/billboard-texture with 177 ads

700 MB
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CityRig 2.0 - Cinema 4D City Generator

6 ratings
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