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C4D Building Generator (R24-2023)

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! Building Generator does not work with the current C4D R2023.2.0 version!

Maxon has confirmed the bug and will fix it soon.

The C4D Building Generator is a tool that allows you to quickly design buildings and areas in Cinema 4d. Facades, elements and textures can be easily exchanged or created by yourself. No additional plugins are required and it can be used for all common renderers.
(min. requirements Cinema 4D R24-2023)

Each building consists of individual tiles and elements which can be randomly or manually edited and arranged.

Random or customized settings.



The Building Generator uses mograph selection tags. Different elements can be added and edited, such as balconies, roof elements, roads, signs, trees and much more. The individual elements can be created by yourself or purchased individually at a later time and easily inserted.

Feature List:

2x C4D files-Standard Render & Octane, (Redshift coming soon)

• 8x Facades, each with 13 variations.
• 29x RoofTop Signs;  24x Big Signs; 78x Small Signs; 11x Entrance Signs
• 18x Small Rooftop Objects; 6x Large Rooftop Objects (Antennas)
• 12x Ground Elements & Signs
• 4x Low-poly cars with textures
• 6x Low-poly trees and 6x bushes with textures
• Different facade objects like balconies, rainpipes, pillars, railings etc.

• 6x concrete maps (albedo, roughness, normal maps)
• 6x roof maps (albedo, roughness, normal maps)
• 4x window maps (albedo)
• 4x entrance maps (albedo)
• 3x Ground maps (albedo, normal maps)
• Streetmap, different rougness maps
• PSD templates for the facade, banner, ground and street

FAQ Part-1

0:05-“When I open my file, the building is displayed incorrectly?”

0:15-"How can I delete the entire building and start over?"

0:22-"How do I create larger buildings and surroundings?"

0:47-"How can I create and add my own facade tiles?"

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2 C4D files (Standard/Octane) + Textures maps


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C4D Building Generator (R24-2023)

5 ratings
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